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Amass an army, embark on a diplomatic mission, or wage war in this Renaissance-themed turn-based strategy game. –=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Factions The Commonwealth of Virginia and the Confederate States of America fought to control the territory in the Battle of Antietam in 1862. The Confederate States won. In its wake, Virginia was left in ruins and the country was divided into Union and Confederate parts. The end of the Civil War brought the Northern States and the Southern States together, and the borders of Virginia were split. The new Commonwealth of Virginia was controlled by a Republican Party, but the Confederate States of America held sway in the other parts. In 1876, the issue of state’s rights was revisited. After the events of the Civil War, Virginia was now divided by state lines, and in the Eastern part of the state the Republican Party was ruling. But in the Western part, the forces of the Democratic Party started taking power. The Democratic Party was led by Governor James H. Lewis, and the Virginia Militia was seen as the most important part of the government. In 1900, the Democratic Party passed the Electoral Act which required all elections to be approved by the military. The Republicans refused, and therefore the Democratic Party took over all state powers and was renamed Democratic Party. The Republicans have only been able to gain power in the Eastern part of the state once more. You have been chosen by the Democratic Party, Governor, and chosen to become the governor of Virginia. The Republican Party is starting a revolution in the state. Your goal is to take the power back. As a representative of the Democratic Party, you will start building the first city of Virginia. And as the governor, you will oversee the creation of your province. Are you ready to construct a historical epic in the world of Renaissance Virginia? Key Features Fully hand-drawn graphics. Character portraits and animations. 48 icons for every unit on the field. Build and manage an army. Manage and expand your provinces. Manage industries and expand your trade routes. Strive for diplomatic cooperation or build your army and conquer your neighbors. This is the final installment of my RTS series, starting with the original strategy game “Cultures: Conquest” and following up with “States: War”. This game




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